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Laura Murray Designs

February 2019

Spark creativity by
thinking inside the box

Are you surrounded by fabrics, tools and ideas, and sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the choices? Boundless opportunities, but hard to decide what to make? It's called paralysis of choice. and it happens to most of us at some point.

I came across a video by artist Phil Hansen called "embrace the shake". He struggled with a hand tremor that prevented him creating the paintings he loved, and stopped painting altogether. Finally, a neurologist suggested that he embrace his limitation. Which he did, while discovering all the supplies at his disposal actually stifled his creativity. The message of Phil's talk is that sometimes for creativity to strike, we need limits. View his complete talk at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrZTho_o_is

Thinking inside the box (vs outside) is a good way to stimulate creativity, although it may seems a bit counterintuitive. Try it out if you feel overwhelmed by choices... something wonderful and unexpected might happen!

~ Laura

Setting limits with a single shape

Once upon time, I developed the concept of shapeshifting, illustrated in my StarBuilder Inspiration book. The idea is that a single shape can morph into different shapes. What I didn't understand at the time is the important part was setting the limitation... which triggered all those creative options.

This particular shape is the "kite" from my StarBuilder stamp set of 4, used as the texture for a paintstik rubbing, backed with fusible web and cut into four different shapes as shown.

I made 8 identical kite shapes because repetition is an often used design principle, and multiple shapes gave me design options, featured below:

Featured Product

Discover an amazing world of no-sew stars and kaleidoscopes by purchasing the entire StarBuilder family, which includes a 72-page book filled with comprehensive instructions and dozens of dazzling designs, plus BOTH sets of StarBuilder stamps ($85.00 value). Your price: $49.95

Learn more about StarBuilder basics here: http://lauramurraydesigns.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/StarBuilderBasics.pdf

On The Road

Kimono Silk

We have four shows coming up soon; plan to visit our booth for a wide range of unique, hand crafted fabrics, such as the overdyed kimono silk shown here. You'll also find lots of hand made buttons not found elsewhere.

Paintstik demonstrations available in the booth on request. I especially like application questions from those who have a specific idea in mind, such as how to create sunrays, skies, water, etc.




Feb 28-March 3

Mid-Alantic Quilt Festival
Hampton Roads, VA
Booth, demonstrations


March 7-9

Original Sewing and Quilt Show
Atlanta, GA
Booth, workshops*, demonstrations


March 28-30

International Quilt Festival
Chicago, IL
Booth, demonstrations


*I'm teaching two workshops at the Atlanta and Cleveland Original Sewing and Quilt Shows. Here's what my recent Road to California classs students had to say about their experience:

"Absolutely wonderful class; fun and creative"

"Laura's knowledge and enthusiasm was contagious"

"Great class... knowledgeable and very helpful"

Aztec Infusion

Color Your Fabric with Paintstiks

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