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Laura Murray Designs

July 2017

We all wear many hats... try listing all of yours; you might be surprised! My newest hat is that of personal coach/caregiver to husband Jim while he is recuperating from hip replacement surgery. It's a temporary role which takes top priority, and includes all of Jim's normal household/business roles in addition to mine. Fortunately, Jim is doing well and is highly motivated to do all that is necessary to return to his beloved game of golf.

Meanwhile, our change in routine causes some of my hats to readjust themselves, or fall off altogether. The one hat that needs to stay in place is my artist playtime, because it's an essential part of my personal health and happiness. In physical therapy, we were cautioned "doing more is not better." These are wise words, but I'm not sure they apply to making art in the same way as a healing body.

Doing more art makes me feel better, and the more the better. Although thinking about potential projects is fun, it's necessary to actually produce something in order to satisfy the need. With the winter/spring travel schedule complete, we're home for the next two months and playtime beckons!

~ Laura

Prismacolor Pencils and Paintsticks work together!

"What if..." is my favorite game. Knowing that Prismacolor pencils work on fabric caused me to ask: "what if they could be used for detailing paintstik stenciling or rubbing?" Sharp pencil points have the ability to produce much finer detail that a paintstik. Answering the question required the purchase of Prismacolor Premier pencils and a rummage through my basket of paintstick samples. Within minutes, exciting discoveries emerged:

Paintstik stenciling

Prismacolor over paintstik color

Prismacolor over both paintstik color and background fabric

Paintstik rubbings on StarBuilder stamps

Prismacolor pencils detailing the paintstik rubbings.

Combining the two mediums offers exciting possibilities. Paintstik applications provide the design and a base color, while the pencils are available in dozens of colors for further enhancements. There are various types of Prismacolor pencils/markers; I used the top quality Premier for my experiments. Best to wait for the paintstiks to completely cure (3 days) before additional coloring. For laundering purposes, apply a textile medium.

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On The Road

We won't be straying far from home until mid-August, giving Jim lots of recovery time. We're told that many patients are able to dance 4-6 weeks after surgery. Suspect this is slow-dancing (shuffling?), but we're optimistic.

It's never too early to make travel plans for the great shows just around the corner.




Aug 16-19

AQS Quiltweek
Grand Rapids, MI
Booth, demonstrations


Sept 7-9

Quilt Expo
Madison, WI
Booth, workshops


Oct 5-7

Original Sewing and Quilt Show
Fredericksburg, VA
Booth, workshops


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