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Laura Murray Designs

October 2018

Remember how you learned not to put the hot side of the iron on the sticky side of the fusible web? Yep, that's the same "mistake" I made once (ok, twice) when first learning about fusible webs. It was an excellent mistake, because I've never forgotten that valuable lesson. The great thing about techniques in the quilt and sewing world is there are no meaningful consequences of making a mistake (unlike surgery!). I think of mistakes as an investment, using my supplies and time.

I am fearless when it comes to my fabrics and art supplies (which doesn't happen anywhere else in my life). The point of owning supplies is to provide inspiration, and tools for creative play. If it hits the trash can (like my free motion machine quilting practice pieces); it becomes a lesson learned, which is the ultimate purpose.

No need to fear making a mistake... just think of them as an investment towards your continued development. Let's embrace those mistakes, and keep learning!

~ Laura

Foiling Around

Foiling is a a fun way to add shine and sparkle to any fabric, and I used it extensively on "Floating Free", made some years ago. Black velvet is the background fabric, with a gold silk border, featuring lots of foil applications. Very cool effects can be achieved with stamps, stencils, rubbing plates, cutting shapes from fusible web, etc.

For instructions, you are only a click away:

FREE One yard gold foil* with purchase of Special Introductory Foil Offer... good through October 4

The icraft foil adhesive is now included in my Special Foil Introductory Offer. For just $17.95, you receive:

  • 15 color foils in 6" x 12" sheets with both color and designer patterns.
  • 2.1 oz icraft Foil Adhesive.
  • Application instructions for stamps, stencils, fusible web and more.


Gold foil is used most often in my designs, so I'm giving you a bonus to expedite your fun with foil.

FREE one yard gold foil* with purchase of the Special Introductory Foil Offer.

$3.50 value at no cost.

Offer good through Oct 4.

* measures 12" x 36"

On The Road

Only one more show left in the year before our holiday hiatus beginning in mid November. Find overdyed kimono silks like the shown here in dazzling diversity, along with silk batiks, handcrafted buttons, paintstiks, stamps, stencils and numerous quilts and garments for your inspiration.

If you enjoy extraordinary and unique items, be sure to visit us.




Nov 7-11

International Quilt Festival
Houston, TX
Booth, Meet the Teachers, workshops


Dramatically Different Cathedral Windows

Join me on Tuesday morning (Nov 6) and create a modern version of a dramatic Cathedral Window design using Paintstiks, stamps, and fusible-backed shapes arranged on a background fabric. No experience necessary to create this 11" block, just bring your sense of adventure, and have fun learning a no-fail, easy technique -- a gateway to creating hundreds of variations.

Color your Fabric with Paintstiks

If you can color on paper, you can color on fabric to create exactly the right shade, texture, or print for your projects. From bold graphics to subtle batiks and more -- it's all washable! Create a series of samples illustrating a variety of techniques for your own reference and inspiration in this fun, fast-moving overview of Paintstik techniques.

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