Kimono Fabric

Care is easy — just machine wash and dry — cool temperatures, gentle cycle.

Panels originate from damaged vintage kimono garments — yielding limited editions of 4 – 6 panels in varying lengths, but never more than 14” wide. The processes used to produce these amazing fabrics were very labor intensive, many requiring hand stenciling. Most panels offered here have been enhanced with an additional layer of paint and/or dye, which alters the original colors, but retains the images and textures.

Care: All have been pre-washed, using cold water, gentle cycle. if washed, line dry to prevent hard-to-press-out wrinkles (or dry clean).

NOTE: The hand dyeing or hand painting processes result in variations of color in each panel, which adds to the unique quality of these special fabrics. All the panels from a single kimono may vary in placement of design. This means the panel you purchase may vary slightly in coloration, or placement of the design, from the one photographed.

Satisfaction is guaranteed. You may return any purchase not meeting your expectations.

Kimono Treasure Bags

Kimono treasure bags contain hand-dyed silks, perfect for expanding your collection of very special fabrics at value prices.

How Laura Creates her Fabrics