How Laura Creates Her Fabrics



For those appreciating truly unique art cloth, I offer……..

Kimono Fabric

Kimono Treasure Bags

My joy is to repurpose the gorgeous silks found in vintage kimono by enhancing the existing colors with dye and/or paint.   The patterns already printed or woven  in the fabric remain, but the colors change in unexpected ways  (while “disappearing” any stains/yellowing) , and bring the silks to life in new ways.     No two kimono are alike, and the results are spectacular one-of-kind fabrics in very small limited editions.

  • Tastefully designed
  • Extremely durable silk
  • Easy care; machine wash and dry, cool, gentle cycle,* or dry clean.

*If washing, recommend allowing the silk to line dry.  Exposure to a hot dryer can bake in wrinkles, and reduce the sheen in some silks.

In addition, we also carry stylish kimono panel friendly garment patterns.

Painting Process

Vintage kimono are primarily silk. The process involves gently picking the kimono apart (fortunately, kimono are hand stitched), then running the resulting panels (in widths of 10 – 14 inches) through a warm water wash cycle to eliminate any soil. The panels are then ready for painting with a transparent textile paint – my preference is Setacolor.

Painted cloth is placed in a hot dryer for  30 minutes to set the color.

Hand Dyeing Process

This process is accomplished by using Procion dyes and running each dyed batch through at least 5 complete machine wash cycles to rinse out excess color, including a hot water cycle. Generally, my fabrics receive a second dye application to achieve preferred depth and intensity of color. The fun part is opening the dryer and seeing the final results!

Check my Vending Schedule for upcoming opportunities to experience my fabrics up close and personal.