P43 Tabula Rasa Jacket


P43: Tabula Rasa Jacket by Fit for Art

If you need help with fitting a pattern to your body, the answers are found in this in this pattern’s excellent 16-page instruction booklet. Information on selecting the best combination of pattern pieces for your body type, planning your garment’s design, making a mock-up to test the fit, and adjusting the fit of your garment are provided, along with clearly illustrated assembly instructions.

This pattern is designed to flatter all body types — from tall to petite, slim to curvey, young to mature. Alternate pattern pieces are provided for women with an AB or CD cup along with straight and flared hip options. The simple pattern shapes are easy to assemble and very versatile; the jacket can be made in many different types of fabrics, lined or unlined.

Sample is made with kimono fabric; the front panels are a great way to showcase a special fabric.

NOTE: Unlike other patterns, this one comes in two size ranges for better fit. Please choose the appropriate size range when ordering.

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