Holiday Ornaments with masking technique

© Laura Murray 2009


  • Iridescent paintstiks — gold, turquoise
  • 1/4 yd dark red/cranberry cotton
  • Manila file folder
  • Circle templates (use bottom of glasses, bottles, etc)
  • Rubbing plates (Linear set used in sample)
  • Temporary spray adhesive
  • scissors, pencil


  1. Create a “design mask” by drawing a circle in the middle of a file folder, or 6″ x 6″ template plastic. Circles can be found on bottom of cups, plastic containers, etc. Add a small rectangle for the stem, and cut out the ornament shape.
  2. Cut fabric the desired width and length.
  3. Choose texture with small scale designs, such as “Linear”. Prevent fabric slippage by spraying the plates with a temporary spray adhesive,i.e. Sulky kk2000 or 404.
  4. Make rubbings by placing the fabric on top the texture, and the mask over the fabric, as shown below. Use paintstiks in colors of your choice and rub into the ornament shape of the mask.

  1. Fill in the stem by carefully removing the texture (without moving the mask from the design), and use a stencil brush to smooth out the color in the small rectangle.

I made a table runner in just a few hours. The ornaments would be pretty on fabric made into borders for a Christmas quilt, a tree skirt, Christmas apron, etc.

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