Stenciled Gloss Gel Medium with or without foil

© Susan Stein 2009


Note: for a detailed stencil such as the one used here, make sure the paint or medium you use is fairly thick, since a juicier paint will run under the stencil and blur the image.


  1. 1. Tape the fabric to a plastic covered surface. Place the stencil on the fabric and with the sponge brush, fill the stencil openings with gel medium. You can build up a fairly thick layer or vary the thicknesses. Pull up the stencil carefully, wash it, and wait for the first image to dry. Place the stencil on the fabric again and make a second image. Let dry completely

  1. Pour some metallic paint into a small cup and add an equal amount of water. Spray the fabric with water to make it quite wet and then paint over it with the dilute paint. Use as many colors as you like and drip some on so circles are formed. Spray the fabric again if the paint isn’t blending enough. The metallic paints will separate and flow in interesting ways. Let dry in place. Stop here if you wish to leave the image white

  1. If you want to color the image: Place a sheet of foil, color side up, over the image and with the side edge of the iron, burnish the color onto the gel. Use a light touch with the first color so there will be some gel still exposed to take the second color.

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