Show/Teaching Schedule

2021 Show Schedule

Shows are beginning to resume scheduling of in-person events.  We’re looking forward to seeing our cherished customers at the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival on June 17-19. Find more information at:

Zoom Classes Scheduled


Fun, Fusible Applique Lecture


Imagine the satisfaction of easily creating the appearance of complex piecing without sewing a single stitch!    Laura Murray shows her unique step-by-step technique in a slide demonstration featuring many traditional quilting designs, ie kaleidoscope, diamonds, cathedral windows and much more.   Learn how to create amazing designs using Laura’s stamp sets and paintstiks to create shapes, along with  an easy-to-assemble fusible web appliqué technique.  You don’t have to be an artist or a sewing machine champion to create one-of-kind dazzling designs.  included in the lecture is a live demonstration of using stamps as texture for paintstik rubbings, and the assembly technique.

Minnesota Quilters Virtual Quilt show

Friday, June 11 1:00-2:00 pm (central time)
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Fabulous Foiled Fabric Lecture


Add a bit of energy and excitement to your projects with embellishments. Foil produces a shine more intense than metallic paint/oils, and can be used sparingly as an accent, or become a major design element with washable results.  Participants use fusible web to learn the basic foiling technique during class, followed by a slide show and live demonstration of spectacular special effects using liquid adhesives with stamps, stencils, leaves, rubbing plates, brushes and more! 

Minnesota Quilters Virtual Show
June 12,  9:00-10:00 (central time)
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Creating the Wow Factor Lecture


Just one special accent can transform an average garment into a “ Wow”, that you enjoy wearing because it attracts compliments from others.   During the first hour, you’ll get lots of inspiration from Laura’s fashion slide show of her garments featuring one-of-a kind fabrics, some of which are created using paintstik rubbings.  The garments shown are based on the patterns of independent pattern designers, available to home sewers.  Laura shares her approach to selecting fabrics, and problem solving strategies.   The final 30 minutes features a demonstration illustrating how an easy paintstik rubbing technique can transform plain fabric in “wow” washable yardage.

Minnesota Quilters Virtual Show
June 10,  9:00-10:30 (central time)
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Laura is available for Zoom guild lectures, which can be customized to meet specific interests, so please pass the word!